parametric structural design

Function - Aesthetics

  • Quick implementation
  • Surface models with parametric data
  • Structural analysis
  • Volume calculation
  • The function follows the form



Structural Designing

Innovation is computable

  • Cost optimisation
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Shell construction cost calculation
  • Specialised underground construction
  • Foundation pit enclosure
  • Structural Glass analysis
  • Natural frequency determination
  • Earthquake safety analysis

BIM ahw Leistung


Building Information Modeling

  • Visualisation of complex information and contexts
  • Optimal workflow between the parties involved in planning
  • Optimal internal workflows
  • Efficient mass and performance controls in all performance phases
  • Intelligent collision planning
  • Non-destructive localisation of reinforcements in FM management by means of “augmented reality”
  • Increase in efficiency thanks to takeover of models in clouds or on mobile devices
  • Data exchanges via IFC interfaces



BIM ahw Leistung


Certification from concept to execution

  • Consultancy and verification in the DGNB system
  • Consultancy and verification in the QNG system
  • Life cycle analyses/life cycle assessments
  • Sustainability consulting
  • Subsidies according to KfW


Virtuality – Reality

  • Complete spatial modelling
  • More reality ensured
  • Fast analysis of architectural design variants
  • Exact material and weight optimisation
  • Up to 18% savings compared to other calculation methods



Baudynamik Icon


Building vibrations are controllable

  • Determining natural frequency
  • Seismic analysis
  • Human-induced vibrations of pedestrian structures, floor slabs, grandstands, staircases etc.
  • Bell swing induced vibrations of church towers
  • Wind-induced vibrations of towers and masts
  • Machine-induced vibrations due to imbalance
  • Design of damping systems for high-rise buildings



Building Physics


  • State-certified expert for sound and heat insulation/li>
  • EnEV2009/2013/2015/2016 as well as EEWärmeG (Renewable Energies Act)
  • Detailed thermal bridge calculations
  • Detailed feasibility assessments relating to building amenities
  • Calculation of primary energy factors in the case of small heating networks
  • Passive houses with the PHPP
  • Verification of the thermal comfort
  • Building simulations
  • System monitoring

Structural acoustics

  • Simulation of the room acoustic and the ability to understand spoken speech in very specific cases
  • We have our own measuring equipment for quality controls (airborne sound, impact sound, reverberation)
  • Experience with e. g. complex connection situations (e. g. on facades)
  • Construction site inspections


Concrete technology

From OPUS Caementitium through to C100/115

  • Structural safety inspection in accordance with VDI 6200
  • Restoration reports
  • Concrete and construction material reports
  • Examination of construction materials
  • Examination of the concrete
  • Reinforcement scans
  • Underground garage restorations
  • Surface protection systems
  • Water impermeability concepts regarding durability
  • Planning of concrete structures in accordance with WHG §10 I (Water Resources Act)
  • Execution concepts
  • Fire protection / heat assessment


Icon Skulptur

Artworks / Sculptures

3D modelling and structural analysis

  • On-site measurement of the draft model of the sculpture
  • 3D modelling of the artwork as a base for analysis
  • Optimisation of complex geometric forms for calculation
  • Structural analysis of sculpture, connection points and foundation
  • Documentation of the calculation and preparation of execution plans
  • Close association with Artist and art foundry at execution
  • Consultation of art foundries in the restoration of existing sculptures
  • Experience working with a wide variety of materials including Stainless steel, Bronze and Aluminium



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