TRION Berlin


  • Client: F100 Investment A.G.
  • Architect: léonwohlhage Architekten Berlin
  • Service: 1-6, 8 | BIM
  • Project cost: approx. 45 million EUR

Special features:

  • LEED Platin certified

F100 built a multi-storey office building at Leipziger Platz 18-19 in Berlin. The site is bordered on three sides by public transport areas and on one side directly by the Canadian Embassy. The public transport areas contain underground buildings and tunnels of the underground and suburban railway, which also run under the planned new building on two sides - on the southern (Leipziger Straße) and western property boundary (Ebertstraße). The access to the underground and suburban railway (Passarelle) is located on the southern property boundary, the railway tunnel on the western one.

The building consists of ten above-ground and two underground storeys, with the upper storeys being staggered in two levels. In addition, the ground floor cantilevers over the underground structures of the S-Bahn and U-Bahn on two sides. The building is classified as a high-rise.

In terms of use, the building is subdivided as follows. Parking and technical areas are located in the basement. The ground floor and the first floor are intended for retail, the other floors for office use. Furthermore, the roof area of the 9th floor is used for the installation of technical equipment (technical floor).

Fotos: Andrew Alberts
3D Models: ahw Ingenieure GmbH


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