Groundbreaking ceremony for
Fischerinsel Berlin

source: WBM

The Housing association Berlin-Mitte mbH (WBM) laid the foundation stone for new housing on Fischerinsel on Monday, 16.08.2021. In the middle of Berlin 210 new rented flats, gastronomy, shops and a day-care centre will be built.

The ahw engineers have been entrusted with the work phases 1 to 6, the excavation pit construction and with the building physics. The gross floor area is 22,293 m², the usable floor area of the building is 15,511 m². Green spaces and two playgrounds will be created between the buildings.

As the excavation pit is located in the middle of an area that has been densely populated since the Middle Ages, extensive archaeological excavations were carried out in 2016/17 and again in 2020/21. Structural remains were preserved down to a depth of almost five metres, the oldest traces of which date back to the founding of Berlin around 1200. A latrine from the 14th century uncovered during the excavations was secured and will be exhibited in the surrounding green space after the construction work is completed.


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