Opening "IHK Bildungszentrum Aalen"

The largest and most modern education and training center in Ostwürttemberg opened with a delighted pre-christmas party.
On a 4000 qm area the provision is set on highly modern possibilities.

The "education and training center 4.0" creates new standards in the education for a future which make you think of today & tomorrow as well as the day after tommorrow. Architects Andrea Ströhle and Matthias Tusker from Stuttgart won the realization in the europe-wide competition. Building owner is the IHK Ostwürttemberg.

Noteworthy is the successfully adjustment at the specificities of the property. The staggered building has two floor spaces on which theory and practice are combined through laboratories and classrooms.
ahw Ingenieure GmbH planned the service phases 1 - 6 and 8 completly in 3D.

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